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Saturday Science – Fiction

I thought I would do something different today other than linking to SciFi.com (which I will do anyway). But I won’t post anything from there, people can find their way around I’m sure.

What I’m doing instead is to post a couple of links and manifestos from two independent online science-fiction ezines that host original stories by new authors.

The first is Future Fire. This ezine has only been in existance since 2005 and is posted every four months if owners are able to. The stories are original “Cyberpunk; Eco-SF; dys/u-topia; dark fear of the unknown; the impact of the supernatural on normal life; paranoia; Lovecraftian ‘alien gods’; the weirdness of ancient mysteries; alternative history; surrealism; absurdism” to quote the editor’s story outline manifesto.

I have skimmed a couple of the shorter stories and they fall into said guidelines. But not knowing the legalities of posting any parts of these stories because this ezine pays it’s authors for their works, I’m suggesting click on the link above and check it out for yourself.

The same goes for this next one; Darker Matter. Darker Matter is fashioned along the lines of the more traditional techology based sci-fi and also host stories by original new authors. This ezine also is relatively young and is only on its third issue. I couldn’t find an outline manifesto for submitted stories here, but I’m certain they have one, I’m just not patient enough today to properly research it. I actually read a short story here and it was very good. It’s probably better than anything I could write, (okay, I’m hamming it up on the humility biz), but it’s worth the look-see.

Both of the above ezines are from the UK I believe. Dark Matter is I’m quite sure. So try something a little different today, if you’re a fan, check these places out.

My recommended classic reading today is Olaf Stapledon’s Star Maker. I have not read this novel, but according to Wikipedia it influenced  Arthur C. Clarke and was admired by such notables as  H.G. Wells.

Since I have not read it yet, this one is going to be my first read this summer since it covers most of the themes that later authors have followed; genetic engineering, collective intelligence, swarm intelligence, computer networks and other kinds of networks and virtual reality. And of course, alien intelligence of different kinds of humanoids.

These are places where Star Maker can be found:





Easy day today, going to spend some daddy time with my youngest daughter while wife and daughter number one are shopping for wedding stuff. Enjoy the readings!