Star Trek: The Animated Series

For all of you Original Series Trek fans that consider The Animated Series as Trek Canon (Paramount doesn’t), here is a Saturday treat that you used to watch as a kid.

The Animated Series only ran a couple of seasons I believe, but the stories were well written by sci-fi greats as D.C. Fontana, Norman Spinrad, Larry Niven and others of the New Wave Era.

The title of the first one is Beyond The Farthest Star by Norman Spinrad and features the voices of the Original Series crew.

Part I

Part II

Part III

4 responses

  1. Yeah, I like my Saturday sci-fi a little on the classic side.

  2. Yep, it’s pretty good for a cartoon. I never liked the new shows going politically correct. They really over-teched things, too. Like that holodeck crap… they have the entire effing universe at their disposal, and they need to play in a virtual sandbox!

    I do like “Q”, though… he keeps things real!

  3. And it’s not because he could be mistaken for a god, either!

  4. The Next Generation PC?

    Probably had to be if they wanted to reach a general audience of 18-39 year-olds of both genders.

    The holodecks were created to relieve boredom on long missions. That’s why the crew were allowed to bring their families also. The premise of the Galaxy Class Star Ships was exploration missions of five years in duration or more, without a starbase within light-years for support. But the show got away from that when Q brought the Borg to their attention.
    And Q did try to play God when Picard was near death when his artificial heart was damaged during a fight. Picard just said bullsh*t and Q said, “Well I had to try.” You like Q because he messes with folk and gives them a pain in the arse!

    But yeah, the cartoon version of classic Trek was good I thought. But the public was already jaded with anything that had to do with space and the show was given the hook.

    Now I’m trying to find those old monster movies they used to have on Saturday matinees. I’m sure they’re on YouTube somewhere! šŸ˜Ž

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