British Intelligence Recruiting Video Gamers

From The Daily Galaxy :

You would have thought that online gaming couldn’t have gotten any weirder. Gold selling, virtual sex acted out through second life, and a whole host of fetishes await the avid gamer at the touch of a button. But now, in a continuing trend of in-game advertising, you are being recruited for spy work.

This is not at all odd or out of the ordinary. The British government is wholesale into the Big Brother Surveillence Society and who better to recruit than people who are already immersed into the virtual reality culture; Video gamers!

Already war game and chaos theory scenarios are being played out in VR. These people could only improve on the process because of their familiarity with it.

GCHQ, the center for Her Majesty’s Government’s Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) activities, has begun a month long campaign to provide ads for games such as “Splinter Cell”, “Need for Speed Carbon” and “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”.

The Government Communications Headquarters is targeting those gamers who they believe are part of “an Internet-savvy generation of graduate groups.”

I used to be a big advocate for virtual reality. Who wouldn’t be? According to Singularitarians, mind uploading into advanced virtual reality environments would be tantamount to paradise since the upload would be able to create it’s own “world.” Imagine eternity lounging on the beaches of Jamaica, drinking Coronas, checking out the ladies and smoking huge…er…cigars.

But that is based on the assumption that a Technological Singularity will be egalitarian, not totalitarian. And if the actions of the British Intelligence community, or other world intelligence agencies for that matter are any indication of intent, it looks like the coin is falling more on the totalitarian side.

And living the life of a Matrix slave is not my idea of paradise!

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  1. Physicist and philosopher Nick Bostrum theorizes that we could already be living in a simulation:

    I’m protected with a tinfoil suit, not just a hat today people, bring on the flames! 😀

  2. I wish I’d had some kind of alternate reality to escape to, today, Jarhead! It’s been one of those days.

    It really is like that now, though, isn’t it Dad? We all just go through the motions, working at our mind-deadening jobs producing for our elitist masters, pumping out more slaves to replace us when we drop, etc. Society is just a huge farm, and we’re the stock!

    Every once in a while, one of the sheep gets a look at what’s outside the fence, and tries to get others to see, but they just look stupidly at him and wonder what his problem is! After all, they have their 2.5 kids, two Kyoto-friendly minivans, mortgaged-to-the-hilt house in the burbs, debt-to-the-eyeballs credit rating, two-week annual leave where they can ‘escape’ to another part of the matrix, etc… what else do they need?

    That show was pure genius, mocking the indifferent self-absorbed attitude we have toward life. It shows things just the way they are, and if the scoffers want to scoff, it only proves how deep in denial they are.

    Ol’ Morty Demonshire, Wikipedian troll/elitist bum-boy extraordinaire, thinks tinfoilers are nuts! 😆

    Oh, gee… and that makes it law, now… don’t it?!

    😆 😆

  3. Small fry really got under your hide and caused a real big itch, didn’t he? Morty might have elite backing, but he still ain’t sh*t. He’s just another one of us sheep to be shorn or butchered for mutton, he just don’t know it yet.

    That’s what got my attention about this post, Big Brother is getting pretty open about its’ plans for surveillance and the virtual reality environment. That spells M-A-T-R-I-X in my book. Most Singularitarians scoff at this saying that by its’ very nature, a technological singularity isn’t controllable or predictable. But I tell you what, from the research I’ve been doing, the elites are trying awfully goddamned hard to bring events leading toward Singularity to favor them.

    I sure hope it doesn’t.

  4. Well…My reality ain’t much but it doesn’t get any more virtual than this, unless of course I fire up a big corona* 🙄 The leaves are raked , the suns out, and my senses are working overtime. Hell, I might even jump into that pile of leaves. Now, Don Juan the Yaqui medicine man would snicker in the Wheatie bowl of elitists that think that reality can be substituted by a holographic video game. What they need is a few cactus blooms to chew on, with the spines still on them, they would just think that the pain was part of the trip anyway. As far as attaching a joy stick, I guess that I could jury rig something that was wired up to some rattle snakes, scorpions, and Choya cactuses for them. Reality would immediately set in and they would be thankful for the profound reverlation…G:

  5. The last time I heard the prediction of the coming singularity it was slated to be reached by April 2005.

    We’re just not seeing exponential growth in technology, is all. Thankfully.

    Big Brother can’t control things enough right now to allow us enough hope to reach Type 1 status on the Kardaschev scale. The have reptilian minds- most of them.

    The simulated world theory is interesting. I’ve read about that frequently and put up an entry in the past on that very subject. Have you seen “The Thirteenth Floor”?

    Great post!

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve read “The Adventures of Don Juan”. I may be a tech guy, but I definitely prefer the old fashioned way of experiencing altered reality.

    That’s why the elitists are doomed to fail, we could already be in a simulation and reality is what we see the Don Juan way!

  7. Deviantshire got under MY skin? Ha-ha! More like the reverse! I wasn’t the one to come a-callin’ with a retinue of ass-kissing trolls expressing their chagrin over being exposed as Bu$h Administration peons planted to subvert 911 truth!

    Hiring a two-bit troll to sabotage Wikipedia articles requires a two-bit bureaucrat underling of some government agency serving the elite… ol’ Sporty Morty wouldn’t rate any higher corporate involvement.

    Anyway, we are a part of an artificial construct of society, contrived by bankers. The human being has been replaced by an artificial “citizen”, “taxpayer”, etc. There is a lot to this, and there’s an excellent link on my blog, as well as TONS of info available on the web about this subject.

    The Matrix ‘lives’…

  8. But there is really no getting away from the Matrix.
    Every ounce of freedom or liberty we may appear to enjoy, can be taken away from us at any time.
    And who you gonna call? – Ghostbusters.

    Spooks (uk tv series avout spies) was really bad today, yeah someone manages to get hold of some virus created by the americans (for Saddam). Seems Saddam scientists ‘pumped it up’ or ‘tweeked’ it so that it is even meaner, and it gets sold to the Iranians (after Saddam is dead). This virus incubates in 12 hours and speads like wild fire – and of course someone infected arrives in the uk.
    I don’t know these border patrols are not what they used to be.

    Anyway the plot was real bad. Give me James Bond or Lara Croft any day.

  9. Like G: says, the elites need to sample some spiny cactus buds, with the spines still attached.

    Sporty Morty came looking you up huh? Trying to convince you of the errors of your ways? I bet that was fun to watch.*heh-heh*

    You must’ve hit a nerve with somebody then. Remember the “Eye of Sauron”.

    Threaten to take his girlfriend, ol’ Mobile-honey away from him. That’ll rattle his cage! 😎

  10. Q: That’s pretty much what UH says too. I dunno, just when you think things can’t get any stranger, they do. Just like this Bu$hco/Iran saber rattling crap going on 24/7, are we, or aren’t we? Chainy the Bu$hco Brainy says we’re gonna kill us some Iranians, then the new Joint Chiefs of Staff boss Adm. Mike Mullen and Bu$hco I stooge Gates says that ain’t gonna happen, too many war fronts in the same area. Hard to sift the real info from the propaganda. Maybe Bostrum is right.

    Chuck: See above. Bostrum does give mathematical creedence to his theory, a 30% chance of this being an ancestor simulation is pretty high. And if a Technological Singularity is happening/will happen, it proves his point. I am of the mind that a technological singularity has been underway since the American Civil War. Knowledge of physics and technology has been growing exponentially since then if you study it close enough. The writings of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells were prescient because they relied on theories of the day, especially Verne’s. That was no accident. We’re not aware of the rapid increase of change because we’re suffering from the “boiling frog effect.”

  11. As global warming and climate change continues to wreck havoc on the planet, does this mean the video program we’re parrt of is faultering or did some nerd write a program to self-destruct?

  12. If it’s an ancestor simulation, whom/it/they/whatever may be running it to see an historical event and witness how a particular event(s) was handled or mishandled.

    My opinion only. You’d have to read Bostrum’s paper to get the full theory.

    Warning: Bring a bottle of your favorite head-ache medication.

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